Some thoughts on the Schutzen

Some thoughts on the various Schutzen:

Remember, in I.33 we are shown one fencer attacking from a Ward, the other entering with a Schutzen. The one in the Ward is then typically shown doing the correct thing which is to not carry out his strike but to bind against the Schutzen.
From that bind we get the various plays that result, like with Schutzen vs 2nd Ward, we get the durchtreten, and the cut to the right or left, and the counters to those, etc. But remember, the Schutzen is a protection. A cover. If your opponent goes through with their attack from a Ward against your Schutzen, it MUST be able to withstand that attack AND put you in a superior position. Taking the example of Schutzen vs 2nd Ward, if they carry through with their strike from the right shoulder, you will catch their blow on the junction between your buckler and the strong of the long edge of your sword. This is an extremely strong position, and I’ve used this against even strikes from a longsword. From this instant when you catch their sword, you don’t need to try and do the durchtreten, or the strike from the left or right. They might still work, but all you need to do is immediately wind up and thrust in a position that is like left ochs, or even just cut directly at their head behind their sword while suppressing their sword with your buckler.

In short, remember your initial goal of using a Schutzen. You are entering distance under cover to protect against the strike they are making, and proceed to kill them. If they respond properly by binding against you cautiously, THEN you come to the more complex techniques and plays from the bind.


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